Theme 4 - Exploring Indigenous Knowledge for Understanding Risks and Costs/Benefits of Mine Reclamation

Theme Goal: Identify strategies to improve integration of local and Indigenous knowledge (LIK) from knowledge holders (e.g., elders, youth, women) into the remediation process, and develop insights into local and Indigenous perspectives on risks and benefits of mine remediation at specific sites.

Anticipated Outcomes: Through engagement with LIK holders and FNMI community members this research will promote and facilitate Indigenous perspectives into mine-remediation planning and practices. Community participants (including community technicians) will receive valuable training in both LIK documentation (while assisting HQP) as well as the technical aspects of remediation. These activities will inform best practices among TERRE-NET researchers and partners for the respectful and meaningful inclusion of LIK. This engagement will inform research activities, public policy development, and industry practices related to mine closure and remediation.