Theme 6 - Remediation Strategies for Mine Wastes

Theme goal: The main challenges to be tackled in this theme are related to the current and long-term performance of remediation strategies under differing Canadian climatic conditions (temperate to Arctic conditions). Each remediation method will be evaluated using a combination of field and laboratory studies, utilizing well-established procedures and novel analytical techniques. These results will be compared with numerical modelling results to develop rigorous evaluations of long-term performance of remediation systems.

Anticipated Outcomes: This research will enhance our knowledge of the short- and long-term performance of remediation approaches currently implemented by the mining industry at active and decommissioned sites. This research will evaluate the influence of site-specific factors, including: climate change in the north, variations in AE at the surface of covers, rates of organic carbon degradation in covers composed of organic carbon. These studies will lead to design modifications that improve remediation strategies and enhance long-term performance.